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Notice how we have has_archive set to be true in the array. You need to have this in your code. Once you do that, your custom post type will be assigned an archive page which can be accessed by going to a link like this:
Note: replace deals with whatever is the name of your custom post type.
WordPress by default uses the archive template of your theme to display the custom post type archive page. If you are ok with how the default archive looks, then you are done here. You have successfully created a custom post type archive page for your WordPress site.
However, if you want to create a custom archive page for your custom post type, then you would need to create a new file called archive-{posttype}.php. In our example, the file name would be archive-deals.php
The best way to start would be to copy the code from your theme’s archive.php file and paste it in your archive-{posttype}.php file. Then start tweaking from there. You can style this archive file to your heart’s desire. A very basic template would look like this:

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